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Digicom Computer


At start of year 1990-an Digicom Computer ascertains the importance of business to increase quality of product at the same time to depress cost. Relates to the effort in short term has been done some effort for inter alias :

- evaluation of labour capacity

- appraisal to cutomer?client

- reorganization with forming of audit team expense of quality of find various problemses faced in assembling.

The businesss yields some actions to revise system : re-designs product, improve;repairs assembling process to lessen mistake, and improve;repairs quality of component; and takes actions to overcome problems faced in assembling.

During 6 month of this success effort with the lessen of handicap product, the increasing of job efficiency, the lessen of approximant ½ expense of quality, product development cycle that is increasingly short, and good relationship with the suppliers.

Florence Ross decides the importance of repair in phases further, and at the same time tries implementation Total Quality Management ( TQM) step by step during more 2 ( two) year.

Actions in short term for

improve;repairs quality of product

Company actions in other short term to increase quality is :

1. Quality control, that is aspect from keeping of quality concerning practical way to guarantee quality of product as according to its(the specs. After done [by] purchasing and audition of component with quality pawn determined, some actions in other short term to support quality control is :

a. treatment of Supply and equipments

If perlengkapan/peralatan is not taken care of acurately hence quality of product will decrease from its(the semesti.

b. Increases quality of product testing process

Testing process that is unable to be adequate to product yielded able to cause fails in laying open insuffiency which there is in product. This product testing besides done [by] when production process completed also at the time of delivery end to cutomer?client.

c. operation facility that is is supporting

With the quality control is product yielded always fulfills quality size expected that is quality of design, quality of fulfilling appearance and quality.

2. Bucks for storey and up to standard needed to constructs mutual profitting interrelationship with cutomer?client and supplier, covers :

- delivery schedule of component acurately from supplier

- payment according to volume, price, quality, and time which had been determined to supplier

- schedule solving of assembling of computer to cutomer?client and guarantees quality of product

- payment of computer which has been agreed on with cutomer?client

This relationship hardly supports company in assembling product that is with quality.

3. Increases role of inspection as part of observation program of quality.

4. improvement of Ability of intracorporate resource and does quality control for improvement of productivity.

First step in implementation TQM

First step of company in implementation TQM is : APPLYING of TIMELY PRODUCTION or JUST IN TIME Production. Concept JIT is important part to increase quality of operation manufacturing to increase productivity.

Its(the rationale is all components required in process of having to active a spell of causing can be avoided situation that to claim cost but doesn't give benefit appropriate, especially expense of inventory and storage.

Its(the purpose is to yield and delivers timely goods to be sold and lessens expense of inventory or storage.

Strategy which must be implemented is :

1. pawn pasokan component according to volume, price, quality, specification and concordance with newest technologys.

Concerning this component pawn from the side of company that is very having competence is department of component purchasing.

department of Purchasing of component must apply approach of proaktif1 in striving pawn pasokan component, that is : gives squeeze at prevention, do not catch handicap product. This approach requires resource specially guarantees product yielded is flawless since audition and component purchasing.

2. deployment pawn of component, concerning velocity and accuracy of deployment time.

This strategy followed up with :

a. Besides performing [a] meeting with the suppliers, for velocity and deployment accuracy of component is better if company applies technology Elektronic Data Interchange ( EDI). Technological based on this computer is the relation of company with the its(the suppliers so that company and supplier in electronic knows timelyly component delivery, component type required, and payment time determined.

b. Purchasing planning acurately

Purchasing planning correctly meant for :

1) Costs effective transportation or transportation by the way :

- looks for and draws near vendor/pemasok with assembling factory four p’s

- lessens delivery frequency of component in number and pocket edition, although big the so small expense of transportation influenced by interval of vendor with assembling factory four p’s.

2) Give an order in number big so that company can exploit discount opportunity.

3. Increases quality of management of inventory of bahan/komponen by bucking for inventory level minimum2.

Note and Reference

1 Terry Hill ” Strategy Manufakturing, Manajemen Strategis from Fungsi Manfakturing” the 179

2 Zulian Zamit, “ Production management and Operasi” the 303

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